Ultralytics is an exciting new science and technology startup in the Washington D.C. area.

We aim to provide smart and innovative solutions to the world's most challenging problems.


Particle Simulation

Ultralytics Center of Energy (CE) solid angle projection visual for the University of Hawaii Mini-TimeCube (MTC) antineutrino detector.

Ultralytics has significant experience in particle physics modeling using the latest simulation software packages:  GEANT4, MATLAB and Simulink. 

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Monte Carlo Models

Ultralytics Positron Backprojection Estimation for Inverse Beta Decay (IBD) events in solid scintillator detectors.

Monte Carlo modeling of the most intricate systems to provide forward thinking insight into even the most difficult problems.

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Image Processing

Ultralytics innovative Minimum Separation Vector Mapping (MSVM) Structure From Motion (SFM) method.

Specializing in video image processing techniques from UAV and fixed EO sensors, including infrared and LIDAR, Ultralytics is a leader in Structure From Motion (SFM) solutions.

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