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3 Reasons Why Making AI Easy Is Important

Why our mission to simplify AI resonates.

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AI helps humans learn, improves process efficiency, and solves problems that the human brain cannot. Conversely, it also has the opportunity to promote human rights and bring social change.

AI is everywhere. Here at Ultralytics, making AI accessible to everyone is our mission. So, why is our mission of simplifying AI and lowering the barriers to entry important?

Eliminate Fear of The Unknown

For many people, Artificial Intelligence is intimidating. Terminator and other dystopian sci-fi movies come to mind here. However, we’re here to prove otherwise. We see AI being used for good every day. Our users have created tools for cleaning up the world’s oceans, estimating crop yields of farms in Africa and helping tourists detect and identify animals on safaris in South Africa. Therefore, for anyone to get started using AI for good, it must be simple enough to get started with the basics.

Create More Commercial Value

Technology is constantly progressing and changing. AI can be very helpful in transforming and upgrading traditional enterprises in various aspects: personnel management, data statistics, decision analysis, etc. However, due to high barriers to entry and the shortage of talent, not all companies can afford this technological transformation and upgrade. Making AI simple solves this challenge at its root: the number of talented people rises and the cost of services falls. Greater business value is naturally created.

Benefit To All Mankind

We all know the benefits of artificial intelligence, but knowledge in the hands of just a few can slow down the development of technology. If we want to create a better tomorrow, it will take more than just adding AI to a product. We need to make AI simple enough to inspire more people so that anyone has the means and is willing to join the industry. To create a better tomorrow we must think about the development of humanity as a whole.

Here at Ultralytics we make training models and machine learning accessible to everyone. Our goal is to help you take advantage of the power of Artificial Intelligence without having to worry about all the technical details. As a result of our efforts, we’ve seen even middle schoolers are able to start training their models with Ultralytics HUB and YOLOv5. We believe in making a big difference. That's why we’ve prioritized innovative solutions that make it easier for everyone to do more with less.

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