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A field for farming

AI in agriculture: towards future farming through computer vision

Use AI vision to optimize the whole process: from the preparation of the soil and the sowing of seeds, to the irrigation, weed protection and harvesting.


9 billion people

will populate the planet Earth.


is how much food production
will need to increase to meet the demand.


Harvest losses annually
due to climate change.

Harness the power of AI to stay one step ahead of mother nature


Achieve precision farming

No more flying blind with limited data. Instead, make informed decisions to successfully run a healthy, efficient and agile farm or plantation.

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Optimize the usage of resources: water, pesticides, energy.
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Side-step weather hazards
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Identify poor plant nutrition and act on it
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Evaluate soil quality for better production
Soil next to a preview of soil quality datasets
Rainbows falling over a lake detected by YOLO AI models

Forecast the weather
with greater accuracy

From rainfall to temperature through to humidity levels, AI can help farmers foresee changes in weather conditions to protect crops and yield more produce.


Determine what crops deliver the best returns

Vision AI can determine the best produce
to grow and fertilizers to enhance
crop health and quality.

Identifying pests on a green leaf with computer vision
A drone for computer vision purposes

Automate tasks
with agriculture robotics

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Increase productivity on menial activities
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Provide farmers with additional time
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Control weeds and harvest crops
with greater efficiency

Detect pests and protect crops

Between 20-40% of global crop production is lost to pests annually.

Like magic, AI algorithms use satellite images and compare them with historical data to detect whether a single insect has landed on the crops.

Biological AI applications

Integrate AI into your business to make a difference

Integrate AI into your business to make a difference

How Ultralytics Vision AI is helping farmers & communities

Ultralytics YOLOv8 technology can be used for unlimited applications in the agricultural industry. Our goal is to optimize the resources of the farmers and communities so they can do more with less.

- Providing digital farm tools to the sector to improve efficiency and throughput
- Increasing productivity and revenue while reducing number of resources 
- Providing accurate and consistent yield estimations
- Training hundreds of models to help farmers where they need it most 

Over 35,000 small-scale farmers in Africa benefited from our technology in 2022. Read more about our success case with SOWIT here.

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