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Train YOLO models simply with Ultralytics HUB

Create and train sophisticated models in seconds with no code on Ultralytics HUB for web and mobile

A giraffe being identified with segmentation

Here’s how it works


Get started with a dataset

Use our public datasets or upload a zip file of images to create your own on Ultralytics HUB

Virus datasets
The results of a model being trained to detect viruses

Train your AI model like a pro

Train Ultralytics YOLO models in just a few clicks with our no-code solution or pip install with just two lines of code

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Select from our pre-trained AI models
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Keep all your models organized in one place
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No technical background required

Preview your model in real-time on your smartphone

Once trained on web, you can download HUB App to check your model performance on your mobile device

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See how AI detects objects via your camera
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Browse and preview your models in real-time
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Play with thresholds to adjust AI to your preference
An app on a phone that is identifying the mask someone is wearing with object detection
YOLO model export formats including ONNX and CoreML

Quickly deploy to the cloud or edge devices

Export your train models in seconds to most common formats, including Google, AWS, Azure APIs, and more...

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Scale your business
Integrate Ultralytics YOLOv5 and YOLOv8 into your applications or optimize your ML model pipeline
Boost your research
Evaluate and test newly
developed algorithms
Rock at work
Create accurate and faster object detection models for top quality work
Experiment with AI
Learn and experiment with Ultralytics YOLO for various computer vision tasks
The movements of a woman exercising being analyzed with pose next to a woman's smiling face being identified with object detection

Want to integrate AI tools into your app?

Use our mobile library to boost your business with Ultralytics YOLO

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Pre-built app components
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Dedicated engineer support
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Seamless testing
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