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Why Ultralytics HUB Is The Canva of Artificial Intelligence

What could a graphic design platform and a no-code ML solution possibly have in common?

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Artificial intelligence and graphic design, Ultralytics HUB and Canva - what do they both have in common?

If you don’t already know, Canva is a graphic design platform that allows anyone to create brilliant visual content for free without having any previous experience whatsoever.

Ultralytics HUB is the same but for object detection. You can train your first machine learning model without knowing a single line of code. Not only does Ultralytics HUB leverage YOLOv5 technology, but you can also take advantage of its pre-supplied datasets and user-friendly, sleek interface to build any object recognition model you want.

Both Canva and Ultralytics HUB are user-friendly, come with a free version, and act as a bridge for you to cross over and explore a new world.

How Ultralytics HUB and Canva Got Started

Picture this. It’s 2012, and you’ve developed a newfound interest in graphic design but don’t have the time to learn the tricks of the trade. That’s one obstacle; the other is that graphic design software on the market is complex, clunky, and difficult to learn.

What Could You Do?

At the time, not too much. This is what the founders of Canva picked up on - a gap in the market for an easy-to-use graphic design platform. When they launched Canva in 2012, the founders broke down these barriers to entry by pre-supplying both high-quality elements and a highly-intuitive UI allowing even the most inexperienced creators to get started and have fun with graphic design.

This draws a parallel with Glenn’s story. Artificial intelligence has always been geared towards the tech geniuses of this world, switching most people off to AI.

Can You Relate?

Well despite being an AI advocate himself, Glenn was also frustrated by how difficult and time-consuming it was to understand artificial intelligence and machine learning. Similar to how the founder of Canva discovered an opportunity to bring graphic design to the masses, Glenn saw a need to make AI accessible to everyone.

Fast forward to 2022. We have launched Ultralytics HUB - a simpler and smarter way to create, train, and deploy machine learning models without having any previous experience in artificial intelligence.

What Does Ultralytics HUB Have In Common With Canva?

Despite coming from two different worlds, Ultralytics HUB shares many common functional features with Canva. These include:

Pre-supplied elements

Pre-supplied elements are provided in Canva and Ultralytics to help you hit the ground running in your projects from the get-go.

Canva pre-supplied elements
Ultralytics HUB pre-supplied elements

A Dashboard Summary

Both Ultralytics and Canva have a dashboard that provides a snapshot of your projects, most important information, and useful shortcuts at-a-glance.

Ultralytics HUB Dashboard

Deployment Destination Options

Both platforms give you a choice of different deployment destinations. With versatility being a core attribute of Ultralytics, you have up to 13 different exporting formats to choose from based on the device would you want to run your trained model on.

Canva elements
Ultralytics HUB Elements

Preview Your Content

Once you’ve finished creating, Canva then allows you to preview your presentation for you to understand how the rest of the world will see it.

Ultralytics HUB does the same - you can preview your dataset to check whether your images have been labeled correctly. You can also run inference on your model by uploading any image to see whether it detects the objects as you would expect it to.

Ultralytics HUB Home screen.

An Easy to Use Mobile Application

Just like Canva, Ultralytics has a mobile app that allows you to keep on top of your projects wherever you are. The Ultralytics HUB app allows you to:

✅ Access Ultralytics HUB on both iOS and Android✅ Test your YOLOv5 models by recognizing objects with your phone camera✅ Have a centralized overview of your models, as well as publicly available ones✅ Manage your projects on the go

Paid Upgrades

Any avid Canva user who wants to take their presentations to the next level would want access to more advanced design features. It’s exactly the same with AI and Ultralytics. Our goal is to provide you with more flexibility and advanced training models which include unlimited storage, collaboration, licensing options, and much more. Stay tuned for our Pro and Enterprise versions coming soon!

Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Object Detection.

It’s all yours at Ultralytics HUB!

Dive into the exciting world of AI and create the most precise machine learning models you want. Ultralytics HUB is an end-to-end MLOps platform that allows you to start with AI without you having to know any code whatsoever.

All you have to do is to click here to get started. We look forward to seeing your creations over there!

Let’s build the future
of AI together!

Begin your journey with the future of machine learning

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