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A woman riding a bicycle, with the bicycle being identified with object detection
AI in self-driving CARS

AI in self-driving: Revolutionize road safety

Safer roads, saved lives and time, smooth traffic flow, and much more thanks to AI in autopilot cars.

It is expected that by 2050:


of harmful emissions will be reduced thanks to autonomous vehicles.


of small businesses will have a  fully-autonomous fleet.

$7 trillion

is the estimated value of the global self-driving technology market.

Driving into the future:
how AI is changing the game


Save lives on the roads

Let logic-sequencing AI replace human errors and eliminate driving risks in automated driving.

1.35 million

people die from traffic accidents.


of serious crashes are caused
by human error.

A person in a crosswalk being identified with object detection
Self-driving vehicle interior

Save time on the roads

Train Ultralytics YOLO models in just a few clicks with our no-code solution or pip install with just two lines of code.

293 hours

is what the average person spends
behind the wheel in a year.


Eliminate traffic jams

Improve traffic flow and make precise decisions, preventing small mistakes from causing traffic snarls.

Two lanes of traffic being identified with segmentation
Identified handicapped parking spaces with object detection

Increase independence for disabled and seniors

AI offers mobility and independence for disabled users and seniors, eliminating the need for a driver's license or assistance.


Reduce carbon emissions

Improve energy use, reduce vehicle emissions, and combat climate change with the power of AI.


of greenhouse gas emissions in the USA
are caused by transport.


of serious crashes are caused
by human error.

The road ahead of a self-driving vehicle

Let’s change the future of driving together!

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