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YV23 Recap: Open-Source Vision AI Development and Progress

Explore YOLO VISION 2023, where vision AI innovation and collaboration thrive. Connect with experts and access cutting-edge insights.

For the second year in a row, we hosted YOLO VISION 2023. Our flagship AI event kept its tradition of leading in the field of vision AI, bringing together experts, professionals, and newcomers.

Last year, we held YV22 online, while this year we aimed to bring the YOLO community together in person. Choosing our favorite city, Madrid, Google for Startups graciously helped us with the venue and event setup.

Of course, the YOLO community never ceases to surprise us. The in-person and online reception from attendees around the world completely blew us away. Attendees and speakers from six continents (we're missing Antarctica!) ultimately joined us to explore the new frontier of vision AI.

AI for Everyone

One of the standout characteristics of YV23 is the unwavering commitment to furthering the world of open-source vision AI. With a wide assortment of speakers, YV23 is an event for everyone to understand and participate in, regardless of expertise.

During the event, attendees had the chance to participate in interactive sessions to ask experts their questions directly. Meanwhile, experienced professionals had the chance to delve deeper into advanced machine-learning topics and engage in discussions with industry leaders. We included sessions on new technologies and trends in Vision AI to help participants stay updated.

Ultralytics Founder & CEO delivering his Ultralytics YOLO YV23 Keynote
“At YV23, we explored the advancements in Ultralytics YOLO and real-world use cases. I'm grateful to our incredible community for shaping YOLOv8."
- Glenn Jocher

In addition to the informative sessions, YV23 also fostered a collaborative atmosphere. At the event, attendees had the chance to meet and connect with others holding similar interests. We wanted to bring together users who engage with us and one another from behind screens. While not everyone could make it out to Madrid, the hybrid event allowed individuals from around the world to participate.

Key YV23 Takeaways

YV23 Event Host Oisin Lunny
Oisin Lunny at YV23

From the latest trends to practical tips and tricks to conversations on ethics, YV23 promised something for everyone. Glenn's and Adrian's keynotes delivered profound insights, while sessions introduced cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Highlights of the event included:

  • In the YOLO Panel discussion, we brought together the creators of YOLOv8, YOLOv6, and YOLO-NAS. It provided unique insights into the evolution of YOLO models.
  • Adrian Boguszewski from OpenVINO Intel demonstrated the practical application of vision AI in real-world scenarios. He showcased the deployment of quantized YOLOv8 models on edge devices.
  • Monica Villas’ insights explored bias, fairness, transparency, accountability, and AI's societal impact, providing a fundamental understanding of AI ethics.
  • Ramit Debnath and Seán Boyle of Unitmode address AI's role in shaping climate action pathways and societal stability.

The event's atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge-sharing was a driving force behind the many practical takeaways.

We Launched Ultralytics HUB Pro

Ultralytics, Head of Product, Kalen Michael delivering his Ultralytics HUB talk

Ultralytics HUB Pro is here! Kalen Michael is our Head of Product and one of the creators of Ultralytics HUB. In his talk, Kalen rolled out Ultralytics HUB Pro, our platform to simplify the ML pipeline.

"From local and cloud training to real-time experiment tracking, online demo for experiments, and one-click sharing of models, projects, and datasets, plus REST API availability; we're making AI accessible and seamless for everyone."
- Kalen Michael

Ultralytics HUB Pro builds on the success of the free version, upgrading the model training process with three new key features:

  1. Cloud Training
  2. Teams Plans
  3. Inference API Deployment

With Ultralytics HUB Pro, users gain flexibility, scalability, and improved collaboration. Learn more about Ultralytics HUB Pro by checking out the plans.  

What’s Next for Vision AI?

As we look ahead, it's clear that YOLO VISION 2023 has set the stage for the future of Vision AI. The event served as a crucible for ideas, a breeding ground for innovation, and a platform for collaboration. The insights and trends discussed during the event will undoubtedly shape the industry's trajectory in the coming years.

A notable highlight of YOLO VISION 2023 was the unveiling of Ultralytics HUB Pro. Ultralytics HUB is our powerful platform designed to streamline AI development and experimentation. The release of Pro promises to simplify the way developers, researchers, and enthusiasts approach AI model creation, training, and deployment.

Onward and Upward

YV23 showed how inclusiveness, collaboration, and innovation are powerful in the vision AI community. We believe it is important to share different viewpoints and thoughts. To stay engaged with the vision AI community, join our Discord Server. In the server, you'll encounter like-minded individuals providing community support and engaging discussions on Ultralytics YOLO. If you missed YV23 or were unable to attend, don't worry! All talks were streamed and saved to YouTube live:

We want to thank Oisin Lunny for being a great host at our event. His exceptional hosting made the event successful and created a friendly atmosphere for everyone. Oisin's remarkable skills as a host made YV23 an engaging and memorable experience for everyone involved.

We also owe a special thank you to the YOLO VISION 2023 sponsors for supporting our open-source mission. Intel, Sony, Seeed, DeGirum, Axelera, Intuivito, DagsHub, Humbleteam, and Prodis were all elemental in making YV23 possible.

And finally, thanks to you for being a part of YV23. We look forward to seeing you next year as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of Vision AI. For more information about our innovative AI solutions, check out Ultralytics YOLO and Ultralytics HUB.

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