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iOS Developer Internship
Madrid, Spain

Responsible for developing our new iOS iDetection App from the ground up; adding new features from our product roadmap and constantly looking to improve its performance.


Digital Marketing Internship
Madrid, Spain

Responsible for evolving our social media strategy; including adding new social media and brand awareness channels and engaging Ultralytics with the world via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… :)


GCP/Firebase Developer Intern
Madrid, Spain

Responsible for development of our backend - frontend cloud compute pipeline, including Firebase for user accounts and login, and gsutil communication with our iOS iDetection app.


Data Science ML/DL Intern
Madrid, Spain

A research-oriented position focused on improving our existing AI products and theorizing insightful ways to improve their speed, accuracy, and energy impact on mobile devices.


Business Analytics Internship
Madrid, Spain

A business-development focused position, the successful applicant will help develop and design Ultralytics overall business plan for the European Union and the wider international markets.


Legal Intern
Madrid, Spain

Responsible for Ultralytics legal filings such as patent applications and business license applications in our main business locations, including the United States and the European Union.