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Case Study: Latest Sightings and YOLOv5

Using vision AI to maximize the safari experience.

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The Safari App Bringing Us Closer To Animals

A crab taking on three lions. A baboon stealing and grooming a leopard cub. And an impala outsmarting a pack of 16 wild dogs whilst side-stepping three angry hippos. Imagine being up close to all of these safari wonders.

However, trying to locate hidden wildlife is a cat-and-mouse game in the jungle. Finding them can be tiresome, frustrating, and time-consuming. In the end, you might spend a whole day searching and see nothing at all.

To make finding animals easier, in 2011 Nadav Ossendryver established Latest Sightings, a platform to connect safari goers with the wildlife in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. With Latest Sightings, users report what they see in real-time, which broadcasts this news to other users on the platform. Effective, this allows park visitors to know where they need to be to actually come in contact with animals in the park.  

From a young age, Nadav has been involved with safaris and knows better than anyone just how difficult it can be to cross paths with animals in the wild. This spurred him on to create Latest Sightings.

But, Nadav wants to make his service even better. And this is exactly what he is working towards with his Latest Sightings App. By implementing YOLOv5, the app will use vision AI to locate animals nearby without users needing to go through the trouble of searching aimlessly in the wild.

Latest Sightings Logo

“It’s hard to see animals on safari. Usually, you have to stop your car and ask other drivers if they’ve come across anything. The problem is that you have to ask a lot of cars to find someone that’s actually seen something.”

“As you can imagine, having to stop everyone that goes past you is irritating.”

Nadav Ossendryver, Founder & CEO of Latest Sightings

How The Latest Sightings App Will Work

  1. Check App For Nearby Sightings
    Markers will be placed on the map to pinpoint the locations of animal sightings made by other users.
  2. Scan Area For Animals When You Arrive
    Animals can be well-camouflaged and difficult for humans to pick out from the surrounding environment. With the app, you’ll be able to scan your surroundings to identify what animals are nearby.
  3. Know What You’re Looking At
    You may cross paths with a big cat, but not be able to identify what it actually is. Or you may look at a cheetah and think it’s a leopard. The app will identify where the animal is and what it is.
  4. Share Your Sightings With A Click Of A Button
    By pressing a single button, you can share what you’ve captured on your phone with the broader community. Other people on the safari will know the time of your sighting and where it is on the map.

More Animal Sightings, Less Navigating

Latest Sightings App, Leopard

Allow People To Get The Most Out Of Safaris

Safari goers are far more likely to experience exciting animal encounters by going directly to recent sightings displayed on the map. This eliminates the dull process of searching for animals and asking drivers for recent sightings.

Enable More Access To Rare Animal Footage

The most spectacular sightings can be uploaded from the app onto the website, providing you with a special insight into what life in the wild is like.

Provide More Protection To Animals From Poachers

If there’s a photo that shows an animal injured by poachers, users can report it. Park rangers will rescue injured animals and hunt down suspected poachers.

Create A Community Feel Amongst Animal Lovers

Users of the app can interact and view each other’s content.

Details Specific Information About The Animals You’re Looking At

Do you know the difference between a cheetah and a leopard? The app will tell you A-Z of what you need to know about the animal you’ve captured on your phone.

Why Use YOLOv5 For The Latest Sightings App?

Latest Sightings App


YOLOv5 will be able to pick out animals from the wilderness without interfering with wildlife.  Users can simply scan their surroundings to identify nearby animals with their phones.

Easy To Use  

YOLOv5 is built for simplicity. Point your phone towards something like a bush and it will tell you whether there’s an animal there or not.


YOLOv5 can see things that humans can’t. When you’re out on safari you’ll only be able to pick out the details of an object when you focus on it, blocking out everything in your periphery. Whereas AI covers the entire field of vision equally. So when you scan your surroundings with the app, YOLOv5 will have a high level of focus in every corner of its vision. This means that even the most obscure and hidden animals in the app’s line of vision will be detected.


For the Latest Sightings App to work, Nadav needs an effective AI architecture that doesn’t require substantial investment. YOLOv5 is made for everyone and so its pricing allows Nadav to bring his app to life.

“Our goal is to use AI to help everyone to see more animals and understand more of what they’re looking at. Imagine if we could get to a level where safari goers can spot 5x more the sightings they would usually see.”

Nadav Ossendryver  

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