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Ultralytics HUB: Your Doorway to AI

Our no-code end-to-end ML platform is in beta! What could you create with Computer Vision?

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More than you can imagine! People around the world are using Ultralytics YOLOv5 to tap into the magic of object detection and bring their ideas to life. And now you can too.

Video credits: Balln AI

Take Balln AI, an app that improves you as a soccer player to help you squeeze every ounce of talent you have into the beautiful game.

Even Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne is having fun with Ultralytics Vision AI. In this video, YOLOv5 analyzes and critiques his skills that range from passing to dribbling through to shooting.

And there’s even an app that brings you closer to wildlife. From a quick scan on your phone, Latest Sightings - Wildlife can pick out camouflaged animals in a safari space in real-time. Say goodbye to the days of searching aimlessly in the wild for your favorite safari animal...

But say hello to a cleaner ocean! DeepPlastic researchers are using YOLOv5 to identify and eliminate plastic from the ocean with autonomous underwater vehicles.

But do you know what the best part is? You can join in the fun too and create anything you want.

With Ultralytics HUB, you immerse yourself in the exciting world of AI without knowing a single line of code. You’re only an idea and a few clicks away from making a model that can transform society. But first...

What is Ultralytics HUB?

Good question! Ultralytics HUB is your Computer Vision tool that will help you simplify your life and maybe even transform society. We’re happy to introduce you to our free, end-to-end ML training and deployment platform that requires no prior AI experience!

How does Ultralytics HUB work?

Ultralytics HUB is where you create and deploy machine learning models into the real world. No AI experience? No problem! It’s easy to use and consists of three steps:

Step 1: Upload your data


Picture this: your ML model is a student, Ultralytics HUB is Harvard University, you’re the lecturer and the datasets are your books. The more you read, the more you learn. Your goal is to feed your model with quality data for it to recognize the characteristics that make up the object you want it to identify. Doing so is simple. All you have to do is upload a dataset of images of the object you want your model to understand. I.e., to train a model to recognize whether a person is wearing their mask properly, simply upload images of people wearing masks.Or even better - you can browse through our public library of the most popular datasets so you hit the ground running! Create the next Tesla with Agroverse, a dataset with more than 324 k interesting vehicle trajectories extracted from more than 1 k driving hours, develop a game with the Simpsons characters, or get more creative and surprise yourself!With Ultralytics HUB, you can preview your datasets and filter the images through your labels to only see the objects you want to.

Step 2: Train your model in just a few clicks


Your model needs to train for the same reason as an athlete: to maximize performance. The only difference is that training your model in Ultralytics HUB requires no heavy lifting on your end. You only need to do 3 things here:

  1. Select your dataset
  2. Select one of our pre-trained YOLOv5 models
  3. Connect to an agent and let Ultralytics HUB do the rest!

Step 3: Deploy your model to the real world

Congrats, you’ve trained your model! It now has sufficient knowledge and is ready to be deployed in the real world. From Ultralytics HUB, you’ll have the flexibility to export your model to 11 different formats quickly:

  • PyTorch
  • TorchScript
  • ONNX
  • OpenVINO
  • CoreML
  • TensorFlow SavedModel
  • TensorFlow GraphDef
  • TensorFlow Lite
  • TensorFlow Edge TPU
  • TensorFlowJS
  • TensorRT

Simply download your model to your preferred format according to your device and preview it in action!

Ready to join in the fun?

Ultralytics HUB is fun, simple, and easy to get started. We’ll walk you through each step so you can tap into the magic of Vision AI right now. We are currently in beta and would love to hear your feedback! Join Ultralytics HUB today to help us create the future of object detection!

Let’s build the future
of AI together!

Begin your journey with the future of machine learning

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